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As laid down by nature, a man tries to be a favorite in any sphere of life, one of the important results of his achievements, he considers the attention of women to him!
Therefore, minimal disruptions with potency are tolerated by a man; there have been colossally negative cases of severe psychological illness, this disorder negatively affects relations with a soul mate!
As a result of conflicts of distrust and certain conflicting moments, it is really safe to make a choice in favor of a certain drug to increase potency! buy kamagra
About which I will tell you now!Kamagra the motto of REDUCING THE LEVEL OF ERECTILE FUNCTION IS UNKNOWN.
Kamagra 100 mg is a highly effective drug to increase male strength.
On the basis of sildenafil citrate in a dose of 100 mg. It is sold in diamond-shaped pills in the form of a rhomboid, coated with a film membrane, and packaged in blisters for 4 tablets.
Numerous studies of CAMAGRA were confirmed by world-class standards. The solutions were determined by the leading laboratories in the world, which is not a small argument for the profitability of this drug.
Once in the blood, sildenafil binds to an enzyme that is located in the cells of the penis; as a result, this enzyme is blocked. This helps to increase the concentration of cyclic guanedine phosphate in the cells of the penis.
This substance relaxes the smooth muscle cells of the cavernous bodies of the penis and enhances the flow of blood to the organ.
The result of this physiological process is the formation of a powerful erection.
An erection will be completely physiological and will occur only in the presence of sexual arousal, so do not worry about the fact that you can get into an unpleasant and difficult situation.
The only sign of difference will be a colossal erection, realized after the use of Kamagra.
I would like to recall that the drug KAMAGRA does not increase the time of sexual intercourse, but will affect the blood flow to the penis, which leads to a powerful erection. buy kamagra
Therefore, if you need not only strong potency, but also the extension of sexual intercourse. I WANT TO PAY YOUR ATTENTION!
Brief instructions for admission:
Before buying and using Kamagra, carefully read the instructions for use of products containing sildenafil citrate as the main component, and you should definitely consult a specialist in this field, (Doctors) about the possibility of using them in your case, about possible contraindications and side effects, related to their admission.
It is also advisable to coordinate with your doctor the recommended dosage of the active substance in your case and the possibility of combining it with other medicines that you are currently using.
These types of precautions negate the undesirable and dangerous effects of the use of the drug and will allow you to enjoy the maximum effect of this drug KAMAGRA.
CAMAGRA is used an hour before the planned sexual intercourse, on an empty stomach, washed down with water. 1 tablet contains a daily dose of sildenafil citrate, which is 100 mg.
Exceeding it is not recommended. In some cases, achieving the Kamagra effect is sufficient and small doses to recognize this, we recommend starting with the lowest doses; for this, it is necessary to divide CAMAGRA into two or 4 parts. buy kamagra
The initial dosage may be 25-50 mg. The result will not make you wait long for about 30 minutes, and also do not forget that a positive result requires sexual arousal. The result will please you at least 6 hours with a powerful erection!
Combination with ALCOHOL AND FOOD:The simultaneous intake of Kamagra with food disrupts the absorption of the active substance into the blood, which causes a delay in the onset and a sharp weakening of its effect.
The medicine is forbidden to combine with the use of alcohol, it also dilates blood vessels as this can cause a drop in pressure.
Contraindications for use:
The medicine should not be taken if you have had a history of allergic reactions or intolerance to sildenafil citrate.
It is forbidden to use in severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the stage of decompensation, unstable angina, myocardial infarction or ischemic stroke.
It is impossible to use with uncontrolled arterial hypertension or severe arterial hypotension. With heart diseases, severe forms of liver or kidney failure, the use is also contraindicated. With penile deformities and priapism, with a tendency to bleeding.
The drug is prohibited for use by persons under the age of maturity (18 years.) We strongly recommend that you read the complete instructions for taking sildenafil and get a DOCTOR consultation!
Improper intake can lead to deterioration. Do not take Kamagra if you are being treated with ketoconazole, intraconazole, fluconazole, erythromycin, clarithromycin, and cimetidine, as this can cause an overdose. buy kamagra
The time between the use of sildenafil and these funds should be at least 3 days or 72 hours.
ALSO PROHIBITED USE of the drug with the use of other drugs based on inhibitors! Do not drink tablets with grapefruit juice due to the properties of raising the content of the active substance in the blood plasma, which can lead to the occurrence of symptoms of an overdose.
Side effects:
Otherwise, compliance with the recommended dosages, side effects from the application are rare.
The drug can cause a rush of blood in the head, headache, dizziness, decreased pressure, impaired vision of color recognition, (nausea and discomfort in the epigastric region). These phenomena are pills and do not require medical attention.
An overdose may occur if you use a more daily dose, the volume is 100 mg. In this case, an increase in side effects of the drug occurs.
A trip to the doctor is required. Driving a car and working with mechanisms, in the course of numerous studies, it was proved that the drug does not violate the reaction rate when driving a vehicle and working with moving mechanisms.
However, we recommend that you find out your individual tablet tolerance before you drive a car or start working with moving mechanisms. Structure:A functioning element of the substance is Sildenafil diphenylamine phosphodiesterase of the 5th type.
Other elements are inert. Thus, the gel contains cane sugar, flavorings, dyes and stabilizers. In pills polysaccharide, processed powder, and other elements that enter the structure of the layer.
Release model, variations. The agent for potency is released in a tablet with a dose of Twenty Five, Fifty and One Hundred mg. Kamagra One Hundred mg is often sold under the trade name Kamagra Vassalstvo. buy kamagra
Pills are ordinary, for chewing (Soft) also soluble in water (Effervescent). The past 2 figures differ in the rate of arrival of the result. In addition, the pharmacy line provides Kamagra hydrogel in the jelly variant for the purpose of oral administration.
Super Kamagra is a given combination of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. The final belongs to the group of inhibitors of the opposite assignment of serotonin, prevents early ejaculation and also promotes the prolongation of sex.
Information for use the pathology of an erection of somatic, emotional or heterogeneous disposition, its lack for the purpose of implementing a sexual action or an absolute deficit.
Kamagra for the stronger sex:
Guidelines for use The medicinal product is specialized for the purpose of taking directly before romantic entertainments.
In connection with the tolerance of the desired dose, which a person chooses personally (with his own doctor), understanding his personal feelings, an hour before sex, you should take a pill or a package with Kamagra gel.
The manual, according to use, warns that the presence of sexual desire process occurs in ten to thirty minutes. (depending on the figure of Kamagra) also does not stop up to 6 hours, however, this does not mean in any way that the excitement remains for the whole period without exception, the beloved will disappear at the same time after the end of the sexual action, but the presence of secondary arousal will appear again.
The maximum allowable daily portion is One hundred mg. Most during the period to carry out is not recommended, in the avoidance of signs of overdose.
Process The intensive element, Sildenafil, inhibits phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), a protein responsible for the breakdown of the cGMP repeating nucleotide. buy kamagra
The final one is associated with the most powerful vasodilator in the patient’s body nitrogen monoxide. If sexual induction occurs, the cGMP-nitrogen compound is also activated, the breakdown of PDE5 helps increase the concentration of cGMP and also relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies.
In this way, the arteries expand, the circulation of the menstruation increases and a powerful excitement appears.
Important: Kamagra does not show any effect on sperm quality as well as attraction. Contraindication are also secondary results.
Before consumption, consult a doctor, the Kamagra method has strong physical qualities, has a large number of secondary interactions and also contraindications. One of them is considered personal susceptibility to the constituent drugs.
Be careful, insect allergy can be very dangerous. First presence in properties: difficulty breathing, swelling of the personality of the neck as well, dermatological eruptions head for medical support and also no longer consume resources in the Sildenafil database.
In addition, contraindications include:
The simultaneous administration of medicines of the category of nitrogen donors: nitroglycerin, molsidomin, isosorbide dinitrate, and other antianginal substances. It is forbidden to consume individuals who have not reached the age of 18.
Renal failure (reduction in creatinine clearance less than Thirty ml / min). Liver failure. Hereditary retina diseases look chromatopsia, degenerative inflammation. Low pressure.
Cardiovascular deviation unstable angina, dragged hemorrhage into the brain or myocardial heart rupture due to the past six months, mental deficiency 3-4 multifunctional class. The aggravation of pitting disease of the stomach and duodenal gut.
One-time administration with other local or systemic phosphodiesterase inhibitors is prohibited. Anatomical pathology of a member.
Violation predisposing to priapism: Penis injuries last. Substance abuse is also heavy drinking. Suppuration of the head; the reproductive organ is inflammation; redness also post. Sickle cell anemia.
Oncological diseases.Priapism is characterized by an unhealthy, prolonged erection, the presence of a lack of sexual desire, the head of the penis remains tender, but the body is wrapped in the stomach.
In the case If similar signs do not disappear for a long period, the threat of gangrene formation is huge. It is important not to overdose, otherwise intoxication is acceptable, the main manifestation of which is non-compliance with color perception.
An intense element has a damaging effect on retina cells. In the rarest cases, color amaurosis lasted approximately day and night, mixed with a decrease in visual acuity as well as photophobia.
Other common secondary interactions: Leading misery. Lightheadedness.
Dyspeptic actions vomiting, nausea. The redness of the personality is also a feeling of heat. Nasal congestion.